You are the awesomest science teacher ever! I am having the best time in science. ExploraVision has been great! You are always so supportive of me and you encourage me to do my best.
— Alex, 6th Grade, San Francisco

I’ve been enjoying science soooo much! It’s probably one of my favorite subjects. And, you’re making it so much fun! I learn so much when you teach.
— Carys, 5th Grade, San Francisco

Dear Dr. Rawlings. Thank you so much for bringing inspiration and wonder to the Burke’s Alumnae Board Meeting! We loved your mystery tube activity and are all ready to go back to 6th Grade. Burke’s is lucky to have you!
— Burke's Alumnae Board, San Francisco

Dear Tone. Thank you for making 5th and 6th Grade Science for Page so special and memorable. She often spoke of her time in your dynamic classroom. Thank you for encouraging and inspiring your students to push their thinking and make connections to real-world problems. Although, many of your students may not yet realize or fully appreciate the gifts of these foundation blocks that you have given them and built, they will farther along their road! I greatly appreciate these gifts of your work TODAY!
— Elizabeth & Craig (parents), San Francisco

Dear Dr. Rawlings,
So Sarina is all excited last night to tell us all about your unit on cell study. She is always excited to tell us what she’s learning in science. She starts telling me the story of a woman whose cells lived forever, and I said, “Are you talking about Henrietta Lacks?” I wanted to send you a “You’re the most awesome teacher on the planet” email this morning because what fifth grader is being taught about science, ethics, race, and history in such a thoughtful, creative, amazing way??? That book is probably one of my absolute favorites - along with Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, Just Mercy, Imbeciles, and The New Jim Crow. All books about the intersection of a discipline, ethics, and our national identity. And that you’re introducing this to the kids now is just beyond amazing. THANK YOU!!!!!! I wish I had studied with a science teacher like you when I was in middle school :)
— Sejal, San Francisco

Tone. Thank you for taking time today to speak with our visitors from the Hong Kong International School. I know they appreciated hearing about the science program and how you’ve infused your curriculum with making and inquiry-based learning. I appreciate your time, insights, and flexibility!
— Mike (Burke's Director of Curriculum Design), San Francisco

Tone. I’ve acknowledged this in e-mail, but your note to the 6th grade parents about how the Exploravision project, and most notably how you’ve prepared the girls for the groupwork aspect of the project warrants a spotlight here. Thanks for moving ahead into taking on the challenges of groupwork with such intention, clarity and purpose.
— Rebekah (Head of the Burke's Upper School), San Francisco

Dear Dr. Rawlings. Thank you for being such a great advisor, teacher, and person this year. Even though I will not be in your class next year, I will take everything that I learned from you into everything that I do from now on. From solar ovens to ExploraVision to Climate Change Infographics, you have taught me so much about science and about myself. You are so kind, funny, and encouraging, and I will always remember you and your amazing science class! Thank you!
— Carter, 6th grade, San Francisco
Dr. Rawlings. I’m in my first year at college and just wanted to let you know that your class I took AP Environmental Science (APES) in senior year has been so helpful to me presently in terms of material and your style of teaching. I keep thinking to myself “oh yay! I learned that in APES, no confusion” or “yeah, I’m used to that, we did that in APES” So thank you!
— Ava, Former Winsor Student, Boston