A Bridge to the Future.


Artist, science teacher, and design-thinking and systems-thinking enthusiast. When I’m not shaping the minds of our future generation, you can find me talking about the multiverse, plant-based medicine, and astral traveling with anyone who will listen, engaging in lively conversations about social justice with my online hive, and producing artwork that explores color, human’s divorce from nature, and the human condition. I’m interested in working with individuals and organizations that need help generating innovative solutions in order to create positive social and environmental change.

I have spent much of my life and teaching career in private schools where families and students are predominately white and wealthy. Not only have I taught in these schools, but I have also been a student of these predominantly-white, private school systems. As a gender non-confirming, queer, person of color in these environments, I have done a lot of personal and professional development to decolonize my heart and mind while continuing to create bridges in the face of “diversity mission” mentalities, and I have spent my entire life doing the work of an inclusivity and equity facilitator.

I have been a consultant to administrators and friends in business and have sat on multiple diversity boards and task forces (i.e., Board of Directors of Abundant Beginnings Forest Freedom School, Member of The Madeira School Diversity Committee, The Katherine Delmar Burke School Inclusivity & Community Building Committee, The Katherine Delmar Burke School Curriculum Council, and The Katherine Delmar Burke School Head's Advisory Committee).


As a teacher, I have attended conferences and professional development around microaggressions, privilege, and cultural competency, and I have also presented workshops at professional development events and have formally and informally engaged in these topics with my students and colleagues. The lens through which I teach science includes Critical Race Theory, Decolonization Framework, Environmental Sustainability, Piaget’s Theory on Constructivism, Project Zero’s making learning visible, Systems Thinking, and other habits of mind.