Skills Highlighted


  • Project manager: keep multiple timelines on schedule while also managing different groups of people (students, affinity group, science department) with many different objectives and needs as well as tracking needed supplies

  • Performance analyst: analyze my students both qualitatively and quantitatively using Google tools

  • Team facilitator:

    • create psychologically safe environments for group work using a protocol that I created for effective project momentum

    • use inquiry-based and student-centered techniques to facilitate experiential learning

    • use design thinking techniques, feedback protocols, and authentic, experiential activities to help guide my students to their goals

  • Liaison: communicate with stakeholders, such as parents, colleagues, and administrators, occasionally having to engage in “difficult conversations”

  • Inter-school Design Team Member:

    • created prototypes for a curriculum design app

    • designed prototypes for the incorporation of global education into school curriculum

    • assisted with the implementation of a one-to-one digital device program

    • assessed problems in the school system using a technique called, “Educational Rounds,”

    • worked to put green initiatives into action

    • presented workshops

  • Designer:

    • Proficient with Google and Microsoft tools

    • Occasionally use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Piktochart, Canva, Prezi to create in class material

    • Experience with Google SketchUp and TinkerCad


Morning Meditation

EVERY DAY @ 8:15 AM • Mindfulness, Metta Practice, + Gratitude Wall Posts with Students